45 platforms
3 colors
1 player
Infinite pixel cross !

ABSTRACT PIXEL RUN! is a simple yet addictive arcade game.
It follows the tradition of classic platformers and arcade gaming, but hybridize it with abstract generative landscapes and crazy electronic music.

With its minimalist visuals and basic interactions, it offers an intense and a constantly renewed gaming experience.

Run, jump, get as far as you can, and beware of landscape revolutions !
Beat your highscore, and maybe enter the Hall of fame !

Game Features

Arcade action

Run, jump, and double-jump,
try to avoid the gaps.

Beware of landscape revolutions,
only one plaform remains !

Generative graphics

Discover and explore an infinite landscape,
always renewed, always different.

Try to survive inside an unstable
yet beautifull abstract world.

5 color modes

Retro colors or colorfull display,
match your gaming mood !

Try it now >> [ Color mode #3 ]

Hall of fame

Beat yourself with local highscore,
or beat the best with online scoreboard !
[ Coming soon !]
Share your highest score
on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +

Original soundtrack

Sounds and music
by and courtesy of DebMaster
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Get the full album for free !

Get it free,
or pay for it !

For a start it'll help me pay
both iOS and Android developper fees...


Windows v0.8.5 [ 11.3 Mo zipped / 2015-05-24 ]

Mac OSX v0.8.5 [ 11.5 Mo zipped / 2015-05-25 ]

This is a pre-release version, but it's fully functional.
Any wil be appreciated !

Works fine with keyboard or USB controllers,
tested with Buffalo SNES, XBOX and generic NES pads.

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